Gogun ukitsu
Vital statistics
Name Ukitsu
3 Kingdoms Counterpart Yu Ji
First Appearance Reference pic
Seiyuu Yumiko Kobayashi

Ukitsu (于吉)

A dark-skinned girl and the leader of Gogun High who is destined by her magmatama to kill Hakufu, as her predecessor did 1800 years ago. Since she does not use her chi to fight, Hakufu had a major disadvantage against her; she was unable to predict Ukitsu's moves by reading her chi. Ukitsu's views on fighting are similar to those of Hakufu. She loves to fight and is motivated by taking on stronger opponents (which rarely happened before facing Hakufu). Hakufu's Dragon state easily overpowered Ukitsu and nearly killed her until she was unexpectedly saved by Koukin. Ukitsu became depressed while she was recovering from the fight and has kept a low profile lately. She had a vision of Hakufu's dragon flying through the skies towards Nanyo, which should inspire her to return to action.
Ukitsu plays a more important role in the anime adaptation. She first appears saving Hakufu from two perverted men in a karaoke bar (Hakufu was oblivious to their intentions), and is continually seen watching over Hakufu, as her master Chokou intends to help Hakufu harness her dragon. Ukitsu willingly follows Chokou's orders and challenges Hakufu to a fight several times, but each time Hakufu passes out for some other reason. They finally fight at the end where, unlike the manga, Hakufu manages to tame her Dragon before she can injure Ukitsu. The two become friends and agree to fight again, this time as friends and not as fighters, and seal their bond by removing their magatama.
Ukitsu also appears in Dragon Destiny, this time trying to fully revive Hakufu, where it is revealed that she is also friends with Hakugen. According to Chokou, Ukitsu is the only person who is able to revive Hakufu because it is her destiny to kill her. Since Ukitsu is the one who's fate is to kill Hakufu, then theoretically she can also save her. Chokou also mentioned that her defeat at the hands of Hakufu in the past affected her greatly, an event that was interpreted differently than as shown in the first season. This would explain why Ukitsu and her school never helped Hakufu and Nanyo in the war despite the fact that the two schools formed an alliance at the end of the first season. Ukitsu was successful in reawakening Hakufu but died shortly afterwards, sacrificing her life to save Hakufu's. She was buried near a waterfall where she trained.

Characteristics Edit

She wears extremely heavy body weights on her wrists and ankles, and is an amazing fighter who has mastered nearly every type of martial arts in existence, using them instinctively and masterfully with nearly no chi whatsoever. She is also tomboyish, as she tends to use "boku" (the male equivalent of "I") when referring to herself. She is nicknamed "Genius Ukitsu" because of her talents and knowledge of martial arts.