Chou'un Shiryuu
Seito chouun
Vital statistics
Name Chou'un Shiryuu
3 Kingdoms Counterpart Zhao Yun
Dragon No
Weapon Katana
First Appearance Reference pic
Seiyuu Yuu Asakawa

Chou'un Shiryuu (趙雲 子龍)

Characteristics Edit

A mysterious new girl from Seito High that is presumed be Seito's "secret weapon". Easily a super A-rank, she wields one of the Hyakuhekitou swords with extreme efficiency. In the Ryuubi assassination attempt, she single-handedly defeated Kakouen Myosai, supposedly one of the more powerful A-ranks characters in the series, literally with her eyes closed while defending Ryuubi from henchmen. She has a slighty flirty personiality, stating she likes the funny feeling between her crotch when she sits on a dryer. She presents herself with her eyes closed most of the time and is the only girl in Seito that does not wear the standard Seito High school girl uniform. She believes that violence is unnecessary and that blood-shed can be avoided to solve conflicts. She has deep respect for Kanu while their strengths rival one another. Her to laid back personality makes her true potential hard to determine. Only during a fight with Kan-U has she shown her true skills. Edit