Seito ato
Vital statistics
Name Ato
3 Kingdoms Counterpart A Dou
Dragon No
Weapon Hand-to-hand Combat
Various Genjutsu (some of it is due to her cape)
First Appearance Reference pic
Seiyuu Emiri Katou

Ato (阿斗)

Characteristics Edit

She is the childhood best friend of Ryubi Gentoku and the destined "hero" of Kanto, or so she believes. She is first introduced when a bunch of Nanyo students spot her on top of Nanyo making her bold proclamation that the Battle Range Hunting "the second great tournament" has commenced and the fate of the region will be determined. Seemingly stupid and childish, Ato would prove that she is actually quite intelligent, and was merely playing a role so that noone would take her seriously, which worked so incredibly well she even managed to fool Shiba'i Chuutatsu who is one of the great revered strategists, along with Ryofu Housen and her follower, Chinkyu Koudai. During the Nanyo arc, she even manages to convince Ryubi to help her stop the advancing Nanyo from taking over the Seito Theatre (when in reality, Nanyo had no intentions of taking over the Theatre, they were unknowingly going to dispel Shiba'i's forces there), while Ato and Ryubi lost horribly to Hakufu and Ryomou, Ato learned just like Kanpei before her, that Nanyo and more specifically Hakufu herself is a true ally to Seito's cause. Her fighting style reflects her spiritual abilities, having her cape being able to transform into a variety of things, such as a priestess-styled kimono, a swimsuit (as evident in one of her super arts), and also the cape can be used to protect herself from potential damage.

She is best described as a cheery person who sometimes have delusions about becoming a great hero one day.